Over the years we have had quite some exposure in the media with Orange Tribes, our clients apps and our own Sleeve Music apps. Below you can view a selection of articles.

Press releases

PRSSKD, April 14 2019
“Krav Maga expert Martijn Bos brengt boek uit in Amerika”

Entertainment Business, July 7 2015
“Muziek-app Sleeve Music op eigen benen”

Entertainment Business, February 16 2015
“Sleeve Music nu beschikbaar voor Android gebruikers”

Entertainment Business, Juli 2 2014
“Nieuwe muziek-app Sleeve Music moet de wereld veroveren”

Entertainment Business, December 2 2014
“Gratis track Me & Mr. Jansen bij Sleeve Music”

Entertainment Business, September 6 2013
“Orange Tribes lanceert Sleeve Music App”


KLM News, October 30 2018
“Aviation sector presents safety measures for Schiphol”

Metro Nieuws, May 22 2015
“Metro nu ook te lezen op je smartwatch”

Lumia Conversations, February 20 2015
“Sleeve Music is brilliant for both listening and social sharing..”

Android Planet, February 17 2015
“Sleeve Music is een handige app van Nederlandse bodem..”

Androidworld, January 13 2015
“Nederlands Sleeve Music nu ook voor Android”

Softpedia, January 13 2015
“4/5: Tidy and appealing looks, beautiful GUI with high-quality images inside”


Windows Central, December 8 2014
“Sleeve Music is one of the best and most unique music apps on Windows Phone”

Microsoft, November 11 2014
“Sleeve Music is becoming an international sensation”

Metro App Sauce, March 7 2014
“You’ll instantly fall in love with its unique and beautiful UI”


Nokia Conversations, November 14 2013
“Turn it up: Nokia Music APIs are ready to rock”

Windows Central, November 11 2013
“Sleeve Music updated 2.0 and walkthrough video”

Windows Central, August 23 2013
“It’s a beautiful way to discover music”

De Telegraaf , October 26 2012
“De Telegraaf ook op Windows 8”


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  • Visual Quality Plan Schiphol

    Custom developed WordPress website. Using Vue.JS for front-end.
    Implementations for: SSO, SCIM (IAM).

    Read this use case
    Visual Quality Plan Schiphol
  • Minder hinder Schiphol

    WordPress driven website custom theme. Using Vue.JS, Leaflet on the front-end.

    Read this use case
    Minder hinder Schiphol
  • Bewoners Aanspreekpunt Schiphol

    Website developed using WordPress and Divi.

    View this case
    Bewoners Aanspreekpunt Schiphol
  • Meldpunt Lelystad Airport

    Orange Tribes developed this user friendly website using WordPress and Divi.

    View this case
    Meldpunt Lelystad Airport
  • Pharma Gateway & Holland Flower Alliance

    WordPress websites for two Schiphol related initiatives

    Read this use case
    Pharma Gateway & Holland Flower Alliance
  • Trojan Workout

    Orange Tribes created web and app experiences for fitness company Trojan Workout

    Read this use-case
    Trojan Workout
  • Integral Safety Schiphol

    A visual way of showing the Safety updates at Schiphol

    Read this use case
    Integral Safety Schiphol
  • Amsterdam Music Festival

    The mobile experience for the Amsterdam Music Festival powered by Sleeve Music.

    Read this use-case
    Amsterdam Music Festival
  • Food Festival Amsterdam

    We created the mobile app for Food Festival Amsterdam with food, drinks & music.

    Read this use-case
    Food Festival Amsterdam
  • Schiphol 100 Jaar

    An online museum of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the Amsterdam Museum.

    Read this use-case
    Schiphol 100 Jaar
  • Web Summit

    We created the Web Summit Apps in 2013 and 2014 for Android , iOS and Windows Phone for what is now the biggest tech convention in Europe.

    Read the use-case
    Web Summit
  • Telegraaf Apps

    We created the cross-device experience for Windows apps for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

    Read this use-case
    Telegraaf Apps
  • Metro Nieuws

    A simple smartwatch app for Dutch news source Metro Nieuws. Bringing the most popular articles of the day to your wrist and phone.

    Read this use-case
    Metro Nieuws
  • Sleeve Music

    The connection between music and the moment. At the beach, in the car, on the way home from work, on an afternoon or at night.

    Read the use case
    Sleeve Music